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HO Gas gauge cluster woes


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Sacramento, CA
Hey all. I am having issues in my 92 MJ with the gas gauge reading wrong. Its read 3/4 when full since I bought it over 5 years ago (Dummy Gauges). This last fill up, I put the most gas in that I have ever done (23.3 gal) and the gauge only reads 1/4 now.

This past weekend, I finally swapped to the full cluster and it is still reading the same which rules out my hope that it was just a bad electrical connection to the cluster.
I also did a few of the Cruiser54 ground refresh/upgrades but with no change to how the gauge is reading. I have only put 30 miles on the truck with the new gauge and I am hoping that the low fuel light will work properly.
-refreshed the behind the tail light ground
-New sending unit ground on body side of plug 14ga (I used one of these t' connectors vs soldering. https://www.zoro.com/3m-company-801-elect-conn-50box-3m6126/i/G101948031/)
-Upgraded cluster ground (I only have 12ga wire instead of the 10GA recommended)
-Half a can of seafoam in the gas tank to possibly clean the sending unit contacts.

-Will the T splice connectors I used on the pump work or do I need to take it apart and solder the connection?
-Will the smaller ga wire be fine on the cluster ground?
-For the cluster, I think I got the body side connector on the right bolt but can someone confirm what that bolt attaches to the body. I think the one I used mounts the e-brake foot peddle.

Other things that I know need to be done but I haven't gotten to yet.
I still have factory battery cables with a MeanLemons or KSuspension big 3 kit waiting to be installed. And I have not shortened the ground connection for the wipers, etc (Speaking of which, will doing this ground help speed up the wipers?)

I know the other thing I can try is pulling the sending unit to refresh the contacts and dry test the float to the gauge but I want to avoid pulling the sending unit at all costs if I can.
Recommendations? Thoughts?
I hate to tell you, but my first thought was to pull the sending unit.

I don't know how the MJ tank is configured, but it really isn't that bad on an H.O. XJ.