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Thanks, everyone. Need some more of us Eastern Washington rednecks it sounds like :guitar:. I've got a lot of family in the Seattle area, so I make it over the mountains bout 6 times a year or so. I'm in Wenatchee a ton too.
Eastern Wa, that's like what, Bellevue? :)

Welcome, now you need to plan a wheeling trip in Eastern Wa, all I know of over their is Liberty and Mosses Lake.
P.S. Go cougs!

Liberty's got some fun stuff...

There are a few other trails I hit over in the Cle Elum area when I go over to my friends' cabins.

Good stuff.
Cool, Nice avatar.

Thanks. That's my XJ up at the funny rocks just outside of town here. think we'll hit snow now, but i'm up for a run up there anytime somebody wants to go.