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Hey, Just a Thought...



We went down to the glorious Moab in february with the Mepco parts house from SLC. One thing they did that was kind of nice is they arranged to have the really extremers come to a common trail end with the less extremers. That way the less extremers could watch the other guys as they came along. Kind of made it fun since everyone met up again.

The down side is that you have a "traffic jam" when everyone departs out the same route. In this case the common meeting place was the "Crack" and the less extremers took the route I think one of the rides goes on (Rusty Nail?)

Anyway, just wondering if that was factored in to the choices. I'm certainly not suggesting that we rearrange everything, just wondering if that was part of the plan?

Willy, I believe that is the plan for Sat. I'm leading Rusty Nail and Dave Nay is leading GBR and coming in to meet us at the crack. We are also going to split the group up on Fri for the Hell's Revenge run and let the moderates go ahead and then if they feel like it they can stick around and watch as us crazies come up to the fun obstacles.

meeting at the Crack

I think that is sort of the plan. I know that Gabe and Kim are leading a bunch to the Crack via gold Bar Rim and golden Spike and should meet up with everybody about the same time