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HELP YJ question, BBD and fuel tank


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Effort, Pa
OK, BBD dribbling again so I'm ordering a rebuild kit for this weekend. I am also going to drill out the venturi's as recommended as soon as I find out what venturi's are :D, anyone know if they are the long thin tubes or the short nipply looking ones that stick out into the bore ?. Having fuel problems, fuel pump went so we replaced it, jeep died again 2 days later, no fuel delivery. Strapped him home AGAIN and we disconnected the inlet to the fuel pump, stuck a 1 quart bottle with gas in it and it sucked it down in 30 seconds, fired right up so the pump seems to be good, stuck the tank line back on and nojoy, something plugging something. My son spent today dropping the tank, blew some black and green gunk out of the return line with a small air compressor but otherwise seems OK, tank is plastic wrapped in steel skid plate. Pickup has a flat looking filter on the end of it, it's black and kind of stiff. I've never seen a new one so I don't know if this is bad or not or even if it is available as a seperate item. Considering removing it and installing an inline filter further up front. Boy, I'm sure getting to know this YJ considering it's not mine :anon:
Well, I know the '88 XJ has a white fabric "sock" on the pickup inside the gas tank. Just a guess that the YJ may be similar, although since it's a carb that isn't a given. The XJ "sock" is available as a service replacement part (dealer only), so if the son's is stiff and black I would at least inquire at County Chrysler to see if they have one for the YJ.
Picked up the plastic prefilter, new one is just a bit off white and thick, old one is black ann collapsed. He's washing out the tank now and the rebuild kit will be here this afternoon. Figure it will take all day baking out in the sun to dry the water out of the tank, then it's put it back together time :D