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Help! Special Tool?


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I was about to put in my "multifunction switch", so I could have high beams, and the two torx bolts need a diffrent driver. The chiltons manual says they are "tamper proof", where do I get the drivers to take those off? Thanx

I am not sure when Chrysler got rid of the GM Saganaw column for the XJ. On my 88 XJ the multifuction switch - which I'd call the turn signal lever - does not have an circiutry to control high beams.

On my 88 XJ there is a rod connected to that lever and it runs down the column to the dimmer switch. There is a similar arrangement for the ignition switch.

If you lack high beams I would go check it out. I recently changed my ignition switch. To change the ignition switch you have to first remove the dimmer switch.

I would go to the parts store or look at the online stores to find a picture of your dimmer switch. You many not need to change the multi function switch, just the dimmer switch.

To change my ignition switch I needed a 8, 9 and 10 mm ignition wrenches. I got a set at sears, worth the money.


Martin -
Are you sure? My 87, 88, and 89 all have Full Beams activated by pulling on the turn signal lever (and back to Dip Beam the same way.) Might want to check - it's been done that way since the early 80's, IIRC, on the GM column.

dbltapp -
I've had good luck finding the "tamper resistant" torx drivers at the hardware store - any one that is reasonably well-stocked should have them. Failnig that, you can go to MSC Direct, McMaster-Carr, or any other industrial or maintenance supply house and get them there. Or, if you are reasonable confident in your use of the drill press, you can drill a hole down the centre of the bit and make it yourself (that's all the TRTorx is - just a bit with a hole down the centre. You can get tamper resistant hex bits - they're the same animal.)


Yes I am sure, I changed my ignition switch in the past 6 weeks. I had buddy over who had done the job before.

When you install the ignition switch, not the lock cylinder, you have to rotate the key and make sure it is 'calibarted" correctly. So when you turn to accessory you get accessories and when you turn to start the starter runs.

Once you have the ignition switch calibarted then you install the dimmer switch on the same fasteners and move it up and down the column until the stroke of the multifunction switch is not too long or too short.

Yes, the multifunction switch is used to dim the lights on my 88 XJ but it is just a lever which moves the rod up and down the column. The turn signal switch proves a pivot point so we can dim our headlights.

I will say the aftermarket and factory manuals do not explain the set up very well. If you read the instructions for the igniiton switch, there is no mention of removing the dimmer switch first.

I also know that switch is the dimmer switch. We got it all back together and pulled out of the garage to go to DQ and I had NO headlights. My buddy and I realized we forgot to reconnect the connector the the dimmer switch. Once I reconnnected the wires I had head lights and could change from low to high beams.

I was like you 5-90 until my buddy and boatwrench told me about the dimmer switch.

Like I said, check your better hardware stores locally, and either McMaster-Carr or MSC Direct if that should fail. These things really aren't that uncommon, Vermont American makes them.

BTW - does your moniker have anything to do with a hobby? Just wondering - always on the lookout for other gunners. Is RI getting to be as bad as CA? Seems to be there might be some trickle from MA/NY/NJ...

maybe i'm just a moron, but if this guy has the GM column, what would replacing the multifunction switch do to the headlights because they DO run off a separate switch about 12" down the column, operated by a rod.....unless the portion of the multi-switch that actuates the rod is broken......please enlighten me, stupid people are confused easily
Wups - as you can see, I've not yet really gotten into my column yet! Just haven't been arsed to - I still gotta fix that sticking key problem I've got. I keep thinking about putting a floor-mounted dimmer switch in, but the clutch pedal is in the way...

What do you shoot? Be careful in your answer - I'm a 1911 man from way back...