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Help No Brakes


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Central Indiana
Hi, wife got ready to leave this morning started her XJ and the Anti-lock brake light came on. She pressed on the brake pedal to put it in gear and the dash brake light came on, so she didn't drive it. I get home from work and drive it, the pedal is very hard to push, but barely stops. Any help or ideas on where to look for the problem? It's a 1991 Cherokee with 164,000 miles on it.

The early Cherokee ABS system (1989 thru ???) was a nightmare. I'm not certain, but I think '91 is in the range. I believe it was a Bendix system. If that's the one you have, many parts of the system were so unreliable that the NHTSA forced Chrysler to cover it with an unlimited lifetime warranty (not unlimited as to "all parts," but unlimited for time and mileage regarding the parts covered.)

I would get it to a dealer and find out what's wrong, and if the faulty parts are subject to the extended warranty.
i got a 91 cherokee with the ABS and i finally had enough. I'm in the process of switching out the ABS for standard power brakes. The process isn't that hard so far (still getting parts off) and the write up in the tech articles is pretty good. I'm probably going to be spending $350 or so to do it. And then i feel a whole lot safer knowing the ABS is just going to quit and give me no brakes at all.
If the pump is running all the time and both lights are on,then most likely the actuator(master cyl) needs rebuilt...............Bendix 9 ABS has lifetime on the Pump and actuator from Daimler,the rest is 10 year 100 k which is long gone,alway try to renew the acummalator when you have the Pump and actuator replace.....it saves the pump from workin all the time if it is going out...they are about 110.00 bucks last time I looked............I still run Bendix 9 on mine and know them back to front............any questions just email me and will tell you how to go about getting around the dealer horse shit on getting your actuator and pump repaired for no cost......................Rags
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