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Help me, I am insane


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I have been doing some part time work that happened to pay rediculously well, so I have decided to make my jeep what I have always wanted, so here is a wishlist with approximate prices. I am in Byron Center, MI 49315, so local is good. Prices are to my door, make me an offer.

D30 & C8.25 Diff Gaurds ($40/ea)
97-01 gas tank skid ($60)
Rusty's 4.5" coils ($75)
6 degree axle shims ($5)
Lockers (ARB? Powertrax? Detoit?) for d30 and c8.25 (29 spline) ($???)
Adjustable Track bar for 4-5" lift ($80)
Steering Box Brace ($50)
HD Tie Rod ($70)
33x13.5x15 LTB's used? ($300)
33x12.5x15 BFG A/T used? ($300)
Speedo gear for 33" tires, Automatic, 4:10 gears ($???)
Shocks for 4-5" lift (Not crappy, but used is good, OME? RSX?) ($???)
15x10 beadlocks (beat up, I dont care, to go with the LTB's) ($???)
Extended Brake Lines (front & Rear) ($???)
On board Air ($75)

Did I miss anything? I am planning to weld up some cool rock rails this summer, may build some to sell (fund my project). Also, I am getting a SYE kit and CV shaft from PORC. Also planning bastard leaf packs. Do I need a drop pit arm? I plan to get this done by the 4th of July, I will post a link to pics on my website during construction.

ochretoe said:
I have a Rusty's stearing box brace and a 1"Tcase drop from Rusty's, brand new, I'll sell for $75 to your door. Email me at [email protected] if interested.

No need for the T-case drop (I have made my own). The brace is new $59 off rusty's website. How low can ya go? $45 to my door and you can box it up tonight. PM me. (I will be out of town tomorrow, be back sunday night.)