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Headers for Renix?


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Longview, TX
Hey guys, I just need a confirmation that any aftermarket header that can fit the HO engine is still compatible with the Renix system. Isn't that true since the only real difference in head design is the location and porting of the intake ports? The exhaust will still be the same, right?
your only option for the renix is borla. you can use an HO header if you do an HO conversion on the engine.
You can get Borla for sure - the difference between HO and RENIX will be both the location of the intake and exhaust ports (the HO ports are higher) and the header for RENIX will need to have the port/bung for the EGR tube.

I don't know offhand who else will have a RENIX header, but I should look into that for my own reference...

borla is the only company left, i did alot of searching when i first got my 89 Mj but then I did the HO upgrade becaaue there are so many more options avail. I ended up goign with Banks and then got a mandrel bent downpipe as well...

I run the Clifford header on my Renix stroker and it is great. I've run Clifford headers since 1967. They have a specialty of items for 6 cylinders.
Pacesetter works on a Renix motor.