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HD Leaf Springs

I have read other posts about the Quadrates HD springs and people like them. They give about 1" of lift. Use the advanced search function for more info about leaf spring swaps. I just put in some new leaf springs on a 1997. You will need to start spraying penetrating oil on everything 1 week ahead of time. Crawl under and you will find a hole in the frame that allows you to spray the fixed nut on the front bolt. You will need 2 floor jacks and one bottle jack, jack stands, sockets, big breaker bar, extensions, pry bar, BFH, 4" angle grinder and several cut-off wheels, new nuts and bolts.

Any of the following can happen. The front spring bolts can sieze in the leaf spring eye, the captive nut can come loose inside the frame rail, the rear eye bolts hit the hitch or skid before they come free. It may be easier to cut the rear bolts instead of loosening them. You may have to cut the front bolt and twist the leaf out of the front pocket. I had to cut the end off the leaf and then slice the spring eye into small pieces to get one front bolt out. On my 2000, everything just popped right out.

Put in the new spring and use the jacks under the axle and the bottle jack on the spring to jockey it into place so you can slip in the new bolts.