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Westminster, MD
I want to make some halfdoors so I went to my friends salvage yard and had a look around. I found some doors from a 94 2 door that I can get cheap. My question is will the doors from a 94 fit my 01? I figured that as long as the door fits in the opening any slight differences in body lines would be pretty much unnoticable since most of the door will be cut out anyway. TIA, Eric
I'd be concerned about the hinge mounting surface and the location of the striker pin.

I don't see any good reason why they wouldn't fit, but I know that 97+ hinges are quite a bit different than 84-96 hinges.
The old and new style hinges bolt to the doors in the same fashion, 3 bolts that are identically spaced in both styles. The stricker is different but you may be able to get away with it. The post 97 striker is the U type and is much thinner than the old, so may might have a little play, but it wont be any less secure...you can always put larger rubber bumpers to take up the slack. As far as body lines..there are no differences.

Thanks guys. I guess i will get the doors and see what happens. It sounds like I should be able to make them work. I don't want to four times as much for doors from a 97.
I'd imagine that you could get the older doors, then swap in the latch mechanism from a 97+ 4-door or 2-door to make it work with your striker pin.

don't know if it would work, but it's worth a shot (you've got the parts there to see if it would work ;) )