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Gremlins under my dash??


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NAXJA Member
Yucaipa, CA
Weirdest thing is happening lately. Every time I turn off my ignition, a strange sound comes from under the dash, behind the guages. It is a 96, 4.0 AW4. Full guage cluster. It almost sounds like, if it had a speedo cable, it is wound up tight, and then unspools a couple seconds later. Also, if the turn signal is on when I turn off the ign, they blink for a coule of seconds after the ign is off.

:dunno:I HAVEN'T GOT A CLUE???:dunno:

could have a bad ground, or two + wires are touching. You might want to get under there with a light and check that out.
A vacuum leak??

Just throwing this out there, but vacuum leaks surely can cause weird sounds, and the heater system uses vacuum contolling. I cannot think of anything electrical that could cause that-