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Got my new 3.5" lift today, have a few questions...


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So I found a 3.5" lift today with 3.5" front coils (RE) control arms (Rough Country), Steering stabilizer (pro comp), all 4 shocks for 3.5-4" lift (pro comp), and rear leaves with 3" AAL's (Rough Country).

So right now I have a 2" BB with spacers in the front and the 2" shackles in the rear... So ive already decided im going to toss the spacers in the front, but what if I added a 1" spacer above the 3.5" coils? giving me a total of 4.5" of lift? What kind of problems will I run into? Vibrations at 4.5" SYE needed? I know people with 5.5" on their XJ with no SYE.

And for the rear, im going to keep my 2" shackle with the 3" leaves with the AAL's to give me a total of 4.5-5" in the rear? shims? pinon angle problems? SYE?

so what im asking is, should i just settle with the 3.5" lift or push my luck and get another inch out of it and only spend about 33 dollars doing it.

4.5" inches... VS 3.5" inches... Im looking for minimal to NO problems after installation.

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already did. found nothing.

in this case im looking for opinions on what i should do, and what might happen seeing as how all XJ's are different. Looking for personal experiences with 4.5" lift, not information on them.

but its ok, set me on fire. not really trying to get raped for candy.

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and, i already know some run a SYE on 4.5"... some dont. Some run new control arms, some dont...

some take of their sway bars, some dont... this is the biggest lift my jeep has seen yet, and its my DD... just looking out for some future problems that may happen if I decide to get greedy and go for that extra inch with 1" spacers.

(my rear shackles have 2 settings, 1" or 2". (they have 2 different settings for the shackle bolts to go through))
In my opinion, to make everything work right you would also need an adjustable track bar, adjustable lower control arms to correct for pinion angle and if I am not mistaken the RE 3.5 lift does not come with upper control arms so if you are considering 4.5 get them as they will keep your axle positioned in the middle of the wheel well. Also, at 4.5 with stock sway bar links may be pushing it. Also, as someone who driven a 4.5 with no SYE for a while it definately pays to get one for not only the much better ride but for the piece of mind, getting a SYE was money well spent IMO. The steep angles will not only cause vibes but quickly wear out the slip yoke on the T case.
so at 3.5" i will be good with no SYE? 4.5" will be pushing it?

will i need the adjustable trac bar for the 3.5"? or will i be good with just the longer control arms?

im thinking ill just stick at 3.5" for a while and run my 31's
The aal will sag but you could just keep the shackle, and if its too much sell the 2'' one and get a 1''. I would stay at 3.5 also since most guys with the re 3.5 coils get like 4''. for a cheap fix do a tcase drop until you can get a sye. As for the control arms you can just use the 3'' ones but definatly get an adjustable trackbar at 3'' My tires used to be offcenter noticably..to me anyway.
If this is a DD and you don't plan on spending the extra money in getting a SYE, I'd probably stick with the 3.5" lift. It does depend on what year your XJ is. From what I've heard, newer XJ's can't go as high before needing a SYE. I'm running a 3.5" RE lift on my 98 XJ with no driveline vibes and no t-case drop. I guess I could probably run another 1" lift if I put in a 1" t-case drop, but don't want to push it for now.

You could always try it out with the 4.5" lift with a t-case drop, and if you're getting bad vibes, take off the BB and keep the 3.5." That's probably what I would do.
you wont know what you need until after the lift. i have gotten away with no SYE or adjustable track bar with lifts bigger than that.

you never said what year XJ. the newer XJs are more likely to need a SYE after a lift.
98 xj. running 31's on a 2" bb right now. What i think i will do is just run the 3.5" coils up front, use the trac bar relocating bracket, new lower control arms, new steering stabilizer, and run the full length 2.5-3" aal's on the lower setting of my shackles.

How does this sound?
the bastard pack is only 4 cuts with an angle grinder more than an AAL, and is a lot better to match some 3.5" coils up front...
only thing is... no angle grinder. just my fiances dad's garage im using on friday with a compressor, air tools, and jack stands. Putting all 4 new shocks, and stabilizer on today in my apartment parking lot =)


i know an adjustable track bar is the better option, but the kit came with the relocating bracket. how does this install? looked for write ups and couldnt find any.
Don't bother doing the shocks before the lift. You'll just have to undo them partially to make the lift installation easier. I did it on mine as I got the shocks before the lift and was bored so I put them on only to take them off again to put the lift on.
yeah, i see what you mean now... should have though about that... ohh well. at least i got the pins in the top through the engine bay. Having to vice clamp shaft in place to get the top pins on the front tight was a bitch. I guess ill just undo the bottom 2 bols when putting in the new springs on friday..

Not to mention, The new shocks look like they have maybe an INCH of play before they bottom out... should have thought about putting on longer shocks without the lift yet. Guess i wont be going over any speedbumps before friday!
Sure they will fit fine with a little trimming. mine at 3.5 RE with 33x12.50's
My isolator was trash so I used a 1.75 spacer w/no isolator 3.5" RE coils adj track bar , RE SF uppers and lowers in the front . In the rear 3.5" packs which end up about 4.25 or so plus I have the 8.25 rear so the axle tubes are a bit larger than one with a 35 so it all came out pretty level . I also used Bilstein 5100s for a 4" lift . TJ rear fender flares all around . No SYE yet, This is only used for getting to fishing places to save my truck from the scratches ans so on . Thats all I have done so far but as usual its never done as long as I own it .
And, I don't know if you've messed with the rear shocks at all, but I snapped the top bolts when I was taking mine off and it's a real bitch to punch them out and put a nut up in there. So, easy solution: take off the rear swaybar and weld the brackets where the upper shocks mount and you have yourself a pair of bar-pin eliminators. Works great, assuming you have a welder!

My cherokee has what you are asking. an RE 3.5 inch SF lift with 1 inch spacers in the front, 1.25 inch shackles in the back and an SYE, this combination gave 5.5 inches of lift. here's a pic, you tell me if the axles aren't centered, or if you don't like the look. mine is the "little one" with 5.5 inches of lift. The "big one" has 10 inches of lift

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