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I have changed over to the electric fan setup and have begun to use my A/C now. The problem is that now I have terrible belt noise!

I have a 2100mm belt and have adjusted it. I know there is others who have done this conversion but don't know how they solved the belt noise problem; it's so bad I can't even use the a/c!

Any suggestions will be appreciated!


Just a thought from my own experience in routing a serpentine belt.

Is the belt threaded correctly? If you don't have enough of the belt wrapped around the A/C pulley, it will slip. If I remember a conversation about the issue correctly, you need to have at least 40% of the belt around the A/C pulley.

Do you have proper belt tension? There are a couple of threads that talk about where you can get a tension guage and what the tension should be. You may want to do a search.