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General Information


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SoCal Fest will be held at Calico Ghost Town May 13 - 15, 2022 this time around.

Chapter HQ will be Cabin 9 in area "O" (OHV). There is at the time of this posting still a good selection of cabins and campsites in the area. Cabins generally go fast.

This is a link to make your reservations. Be sure to select "Calico" on the drop down menu.


The map is slow to load and/or scroll.

More details to follow in the appropriate threads;

Event Shirts, meals, trail leaders, etc.
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As of 2/15/22 am cabin #6 is still available.
Kinda early I know. But what’s the trail run plans.

I’d love to connect for a Doran/Odessa day run. Hit Bismarck mine and/or Wall Street over look.
We do typically run three groups.
One up Odessa, one up Doran, and one up an easy route with all three converging on Bismarck for lunch. This assume enough capable rigs for each run show up.

I'm likely to head one of the harder runs and would not mind including wall street.
John do you still have the Banana I sold you??

He put it in the fridge. You probably don't want to see it now.