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gear purchasing


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I have a 2000 xj with a 8.25 in the rear and the dana 30 up front.

Im probably going with the yukon 4.56 gears. I have no question about the rear gears and install kit but i do have a q about the front. Ive been looking around and i see gears for sale with cruse sleeve, without crush sleeve, pinion reverse, and then the regular 4.56 pinion and ring (im wont be installing them but i know i need an install kit). What is it i need?
2000 xj *should* come with a LP d30 meaning that you need the normal gears

Reverse cut
High pinion

if memory serves - there are 3 types of gearsets for the d30 -
high pinion

you have the "normal" setup... I think - you may have the TJ setup...

and no offence - but if you are unfermiliar with a crush sleve, changing gears in an axle that spins all the time is not for you...
talk to a local shop (the one that will be doing the install) and see what the price difference is if they supply the gears VS you supply the gears... if its within $200, id say have them supply the gears - then if there are any whineine or other problems - they own the problem and cannot say: thoes arent my gears - not my problem...
High pinion D30s use shims. Low pinion D30s use crush collars and shims.

XJs had an axle switch in 99, they could be hi or low pinion.

You need the LP D30 short(TJ) pinion set!
Give Ryan a look at www.fourwheelsupply.net or call him at 276-971-4549. He has the best prices on Yukon and can help you out with what you will need.