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Gas cuts out


NAXJA Forum User
Please HELP!!!!! The gas cuts out on left hand turns only. Especially if i am heavy on the throttle. I have had previous responses and some have said that its normal when under 1/4 tank, but its not b/c it never, ever used to do this. I have a 99 4.0 auto. I had a mechanic change the tranny fluid a few weeks ago, could he have messed something up that would cause this?

Please Help

Its an XJ thing. Both XJ's I've had do it (88 & 89).

If you find out another way to fix it besides keeping the tank full let me know.
Same problem on mine....same year and engine as you too. From what i've heard it's especially bad on the newer generations like ours. And I believe just 98 had a recall for the problem, even though the rest of them have the same damn thing in them....but ohh well.

I don't usually let it get too far below half a tank anyways....so it's not much of a problem.