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Gaining some more flex or biting the bullet and get more lift


NAXJA Forum User
Well I went wheeling this last weekend, I tested the locker and it was a pro. I know the leafs dont flex as much as coils but I would like to get as much as I can. I hope I am not maxed out, I got rustys 3" full packs. Now if it is maxed to its capabilities I am planning on saving for an upgrade, now I have read that anything above 5" you need to start contemplating steering upgrades. Here are my pics.




Now I know I need an adj. trackbar and UCAs to fix my coil post problem.
how new are they? are your shocks maxing out? are your shackles flexing, bolts to tight? there are a couple recent threads regarding this too
Um I would say they are maybe 6 months old. I have OME long travels, I will check how tight the shackle bolts are. Like for a far future, I would like the full traction LA kit but thats 6" would that require a lot of steering modifications??

Sorry, the question is how can I gain flex from the current setup, or just suck it up and save to go bigger.
When I had the Rusty's 3" a long time ago with the OME longtravels as well, the shocks would bottom out very easily in the front. Looking at this picture, I would bet the front shock is bottomed out.

Not much you can do about that besides getting different shocks, and bumpstops (which should be used to stock uptravel instead of the shocks anyways) would stop you about there anyways. You might go over your control arm bolts (upper and lower ca's), loosen them up and retighten with the jeep sitting on the tires on the ground. Sometimes people don't do this when they install a lift and the rubber bushings don't get turned in line where they need to be and they get twisted and maxed out on their memory (if that made any sense). The rear looks good, just add some rear bumpstops because I would guess those leaf packs are into reverse arch on compression.
Jes said:
Yellow diff covers limit flex.
x2 you need to paint it red then you'll be all set

is the sway bar in the rear connected?
bj-666 said:
x2 you need to paint it red then you'll be all set

Actually, you only paint them red if it's a Dana35, kind of a warning to other trail users. ;)