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Fundraiser for Ladee flats.


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We have decided to make a sizable donation to the Ladee Flats trail fund.

The plan will be to present our donation at Wheelers by the water this year.

This trail system is local for most of us in the chapter and has a ton of potential to grow so let's see how much we can help out.

You can PayPal donations to [email protected] ,put in the comments that it's for Ladee Flats so our treasurer knows how to allocate it.
You can also make donations at any of our events.

We would be interested in other fundraising ideas if anyone has some ideas or wants to put something together to raise money for this cause.
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Yeah, go fund me seems to be a bleeding heart site now. I broke a nail, go fund me. I need a tooth pulled, go fund me. We need more protesters, go fund me.
We, me and Alicia always give up a little cash when we go up there for work party's. But we can help with a donation.

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