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Fuel Pressure Regulator & Long Cranks


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I have a 1992 Cherokee and I had a leak in my fuel pressure regulator so I replaced it with a part from O'Reilly's. Since then I have long crank times when starting. I read that it may have something to do with fuel pressure.

I had no problem before replacing it even though it was spewing a lot of gas. And it runs fine otherwise. I have inspected and fussed with the vacuum line, it's old and had some cracks in the boot but I put a wrap of electrical tape around it and still long cranks.

Could it be a bad part from O'Reilly's? I think that it was almost $100. Maybe I should get one from Mopar?

I watched some videos on troubleshooting fuel pressure and Amazon has a pressure gauge kit for $25 but the hose isn't long enough for me to see it from the driver's seat. My neighbor will have one and I'll borrow it when I see him.

I need to read this carefully:

But until then does anyone have any ideas?
Get fuel pressure readings. Right at the point you are trying to start.

Also, leave the gauge hooked up and see how long it takes for pressure to drop.

Once you know those things you will be able to get useful avice.