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FS/1995 Cherokee Country 4x4


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Summerville, SC
I have a 1995 Cherokee Country 4x4 for sale. It needs a little TLC but is in pretty good condition. It needs a front axle u-joint which comes with the truck but I haven't had time to install it. It also needs a tie rod end. The truck has just over 190k miles but previous owner had the motor rebuilt somewhere around 35k miles ago but that is only good if you believe what he said. The jeep runs really well though. It also needs to have the shift cable adjusted because the shift points are a little off. Well, if interested please give me a call at 1-352-585-7152. Thanks in advance.http://s135.photobucket.com/albums/q123/wac1977/2000 Jeep Cherokee/1995 jeep cherokee/
here is a pic;

I am actually in Tampa for the day getting another one of my jeeps. I can take some more pictures when I get back home tomorrow. What exactly are you looking for?
I am about to leave Tampa here in an hour or so to go back to Charleston with my '88 Cherokee. I can get you some more pics if you let me know specifically what you want to see. If I had known you were interested I just drove down here yesterday to Tampa I could have brought it with me for ya...lol. Let me know. Later.