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Friday Night Award's Video

Andy Steiner

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Las Vegas, NV
I went to the effort of editing a video for the NAXJA Friday night award's dinner at Moab. Didn't have any actual video, so I took some still photos and did the best I could with a couple of hours of time on Friday afternoon.

Big thanks to Remi, Rollins, Avery, Brendan and others for their photos. Bigger thanks to Cal for hosting the video.

http://shell.exo.com/~cal/socalxj/ (You may wish to right click and save it to you desktop so that you can view it over and over and over again.)
Nice Videos.

Thanks for sharing.:wave:

Someday, I'll make it out there.
let there be three :D :D :clap: :party: It was a fun ride back from the top of escalator: every bump made her head hit the roof and too bad Avery didn't get the "Exit" from the car picture ;)
Thanks for the video! You did a great job.