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FREE LUNCH on Saturday by NAPIER!!!


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The wise saying says that there's no such thing as a free lunch...

Well, its not true when it comes to Winterfest in the quarry on Saturday, March 10th. All registered Winterfest attendees will get some Pizza in the quarry around 2pm after trail rides are over and around the time we do the group photo!!!

You MUST have your name tag (provided at registration) to get your pizza!

Please say a BIG THANKS to Napier Precision Products

mac 'pizza pizza' gyvr
How can you improve on free lunch? How about giving away free stuff?

Napier has announced that they will be doing a no-cost sign up raffle during lunch! All you have to do is show up (with your name badge of course), eat some pizza, sign up with Napier and wait!

Prizes will be drawn approximately every 30 minutes, must be present to win.

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Awesome! Thank you Napier for the lunch and the giveaways! And thank you to the BOD for putting everything together!