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Ford 8.8 with carbon friction discs


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Guys I was wondering if any of you are running a ford 8.8 rear axle with the Trac lok and carbon fiber discs? If so how are they holding up?
I've got a set in my GM 9.5", they definately wear better/last longer than the stock clutches.
Did you burn thru a stock set of clutches?
No I was doing some research. I picking up an 8.8 pretty cheap. It’s an explorer 31 spline. But I just found out that it’s An open carrier. So guess I won’t be worrying about clutches. Probably just buy a cheap lunchbox locker. For the 8.8 when I do the swap.
So I have a buddy with a first gen explorer [2nd gen 8.8 installed) he is running the carbon clutches. I also run an 8.8 with factory lsd. I combined his old clutches with mine. Made it as tight as possible... this was probably 3 years ago and our lsd's perform identical... both run 35s too...

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The factory carrier on the 8.8 is strong, making a Lunchbox locker a good choice for running 35's or under IMHO. I ran an LSD 8.8 with 35's and found the traction OK, but not overwhelming. I've also added the Ford Motorsport kit (a minute since) to another in a Fox Body Mustang; adding clutches is easily as effective. Currently shopping for a 4.10 8.8 to upgrade for my 95 XJ - I'm going lunchbox with an Ultimate 88 kit and not planning to upgrade with 35's. I would love to hear other opinions
Well I have the 4.10 8.8 I picked up. I’m gonna go back with 3.55 for right now. I run 31.10.5
Really like the speed with it being my daily driver I travel on the interstate for 60 miles a day. If you need the 4.10 gear set not sure when I’m gonna tear into it though. Have multiple projects going on right now it’s kinda on the back burner but I wanted an 8.8 for when I get ready to pull the trigger gonna buy the parts needed overtime.