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For owners of CJ's, YJ's, TJ's with bikini tops


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Dayton, OH
I need an accurate measurement of your footman loops. Making a light bar for a towed vehicle behind an RV and these would work out great for me, I think. I need the center to center of the holes and on overall length.

Moderators, I didn't really know where to stick this and wanted folks to see it cuz I need an answer semi quickly.
OneTon....hope this is not out of line....but....why not just buy new ones? I think the footman loop locations vary for each model.

Dont' really know, but at least i am keeping it at the top.

hey OneTon what about the magnetic tow lights? I am making a pair out of some old trailer lights amd a set of magnets of an old EMS light bar I used to use. john
WTF is a footman loop ??? :D Once I know what it is maybe I can measure it...
I'll buy some once I find some that match the measurements that I need. None of the manufacturers list these measurements though.

Magnets leave rust rings, old folks like my parents and all their friends don't like rust rings on their paint. Trust me, they've been through this for some time now, that's why we're designing one to put on the market that doesn't scratch paint or leave rust rings.

A footman loop is the tie down that your bikini top straps go through.

The light bar that we made for the Envoy/ Trailblazer is pretty slick, we're designing one for the Liberty now and it's a different animal altogether. That's why we need to strap this one on.
That's sorta what i wanted. I need them to be less than 1.75" on the outside dimension.

Are those the ones for your bikini top or your hood.
let me check the garage had some from the rear floor of my daughters old daytona (luggage tie downs) not sure it they are big enough for what you need. John
hey, my cj had two sizes of footman loops......

also, check out mcmaster-carr, i believe they have various sizes.....

I can make you some in crs wire if you want.......
I should have prefaced it with "my 1974 CJ" has the same size. I lost one this winter when I had my hard top on, so I just put a hood footman loop on for the bikini and it fit.
Just wondering, but why don't you just tap into the wire harness for the tail lights and use them?? That's what my dad with his CRV (I tried to get him to flat tow an XJ so don't give me any), and my brother-in-law did the same with his YJ that he flat tows.

I think that's much cleaner looking.
Well, it's been determined that I'm just going to have to mill the loop into the AL piece. Oh well, more time= more money, right?
WOW, all the shorty XJ owners just came out of the closets :D

WOW, all the shorty XJ owners just came out of the closets

hey, who you callin shorty?