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fog lights


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long island, ny
hey guys, i have been looking into getting some fog lights for my 01 sport. I already have a pair of KC's on the front of my truck, buy i feel like i could use some more "close up" light in the snow, not the "pencil beams" of the kc's. does any one have any experience with the origional factory fog lights? i do like there nice clean instalation, and simple look, but do they work good? And does anyone know of a place where i can get a factory fog light kit, or something? if need be ill go to the dealer, i just dont want to pay an arm and a leg. I already have a Manik brush guard, so if anyone has any ideas about other fog lights, mounting them will not be a problem. thanks a bunch

tomNAXJA :eek:
I've been satisfied with the performance of the OEM fog lights in my 2000 XJ -- for fog. However, I live in coastal New England, where we actually have fog, and that's what I use them for.

When the new body style XJs were still being sold, there were numerous posts (some here, but more on JU) by people who didn't think the OEM fog lights put out enough light, so they removed the internal shield to put out "more" light. In fact, I think those were people who didn't know the difference between a "fog" light and a "driving" light and really wanted the latter. What they did was create a light that was neither, but which created a lot of glare for oncoming drivers.
Around here the valley fills with what the locals call "tule fog". Fog is fog is fog, I suppose, and it all can get soupy.

The color and brightness of a fog lamp have less to do with its effectiveness than its placement. The closer to the road, the better. Like Eagle says, brighter is not better, it just irritates oncoming drivers and could be dangerous.

There's an informal but technically accurate note here. If you doubt Tom and Ray, there is support from science types
I like the OEM lights on my 99..only problem is that one wasn't sealed verywell and has corroded out completely. You can get them from the dealer, but they're about 70 bucks a light. You should be able to just buy the lights and the swtich from the dealer. They should just bolt right up and plug right into your wire harness.

I run Hella's on mine, started out with hella 550's and they were great, went to Hella 450's after the lenses cracked on the 550's because I left the covers on while parked and the fogs were turned on. Combined with the Hella E code headlights I am very happy. I am ordering the replacement lenses for the 550's but they are going on my sons YJ. As for the wiring, get the wiring kit from the dealer, it fits, plugs in where it's supposed to, only requires one splice and works.
go with hella's the light pattern is far better than stock. i have 550 fog lights and they are great. also the 500 fog are good