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Flashers won't stop


NAXJA Forum User
I picked up a 94 XJ 4.0 4x4 auto awhile back and recently got a lift installed. When I got it back from the shop the emergency flashers won't shut off. The switch on the column is off and the lights on the dashboard don't light up but the turn signals do and you can hear the clicking. Dash lights for the flashers work when the switch is pulled. Turn signals work ok.

I'm thinking possible ground in the steering column? Or where does the flasher switch ground?
So I pulled both turn signal and hazard flasher relays. Flashers are still flashing. The I pulled the 20 amp fuse in the relay box in the engine compartment and they still flash!
Any suggestions?
Could it be a stuck hazard "flasher" itself.
It's a small metal canister located under
the dash near the steering column.
Might be time to try a priest and holy water.

Is there an aftermarket alarm installed? If you listen carefully under the dash, can you hear anything clicking that might lead you to a flasher module or alarm?
So I finally figured it out. Previous owner had installed a bulldog remote start, never told me or gave me a remote. Pulled the lower dash panel and found it by the column. Unplugged it and problem solved!