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Flashers/turn signal issue


NAXJA Forum User
Hello all,

I have a 1997 xj and my flashers are turning on when I turn off my turn signal. When I turn the wheel and it resets on its own then I don’t have a problem but if I’m switching lanes or something so I gotta turn off the signal manually then the flashers engage. I did notice that the flashers turn off if I pull down the turn signal lever a bit then let it go up. This is rather annoying though and the flashers usually still flash a few times if I do that. Any ideas?

Failure of the clicking flasher module and/or the turn signal multi-function switch assembly does happen. If I recall correctly, 97-01 have a flasher module for the turn signals, and one for the emergency flashers.

Make sure all the bulb sockets and ground points are free of damage and corrosion. Make sure any trailer wiring is not boogered up and causing electrical problems.

Consider replacing the turn signal switch assembly. The job takes about 30 minutes with a few common hand tools.