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Finally starting my teardrop offroad trailer build.


I need to start my build. Mine will probably take five years or more too. And that would probably work out about right: Finish it up about the time I start kicking Varmints out of the house. Be just about the time I need to start convincing The Bride she needs to go on Jeep trips with me. I will need the teardrop then.
Between working 60+ hours a week, working in Minnesota for close to two years, three surgeries, a new home, and a daughter getting married, it surprised me it took so long.
Read this whole thread tonight -- great trailer build -- Being fairly new to NAXJA I never saw this thread before today

Now that you have a trip on it, How did the suspension preform? Would you still build it the same way?
Pulls flawlessly on the highway and with the isolation hitch, you really couldn't hardly feel it on the trail. With the shocks and air bags, it rode great.