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Fan hitting AC hard line?


NAXJA Member #791
Anyone else have this issue? Only happens in reverse, in a slight twisted suspension position. My Fan is hitting the AC hard line sitting right there. It looked to have only about 1/2 inch clearance, before I pulled it further away. I've now got a pretty good dent in there. But the AC is still blowing cold, so I guess it isn't punctured. I can't believe there was that much movement in there. It really wasn't twisted bad, and it only hit in Reverse.
Is this common?
AZ Jeff said:
Look at your motor mounts for deterioration, causing the engine to shift excessively under load.
I considered that. with a quick glance they don't look terrible. It's an '01 with about 86k on it. The funny thing, is that when in reverse, even when not moving it continued to hit, though more intermitttent.....hmmmm