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Extra attendence this year


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Don't know if any of you are on some of the facebook jeep pages but there has been quite a bit of talk on those sites about NAXJA WF this year. This may be over thinking some but doesn't hurt to plan for worst. We never know but may end up having an influx of more people coming this year. I know we won't know till after registration and all but may want to look into it to make sure we will fit into the VFW. I have been trying to make sure to tell people to get on and register for the event that way we know how many are coming. Just something i thought we might want to keep an eye on.

post the link to register where you see them talking about it.

If registeration shows we are going to be pushing things then we'll look into another option if necessary...

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I gave a business card to a guy who came and picked up parts a while back. Said he ran with some guys over that way who like to go to badlands. Maybe it's him

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I've passed out about a dozen cards on this latest 97 part out...

except for the real morons