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eurolight fog lights. $100 shipped.


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Kennesaw, GA
these lights have an outer trim ring that lights up white. the bulb part of the light is blueish. the trim ring color can be changed very easily by changing out the LED inside the ring. these can be found at autozone,... advance,.... i just put the lights on my jeep a few weeks ago, but i'm selling the bumper,. need the money and don't know where i'll put 'em with no bumper,... any way,.. here's some pics,. and yeah, the trim ring and the actual light will light up independantly of each other and whoever buys these,. i'll give you as much wire as i can,... you'll need a few more feet and some random connectors probably. and i'll draw out a diagram of how i had them wired in order to light up the different parts independantly,... i'm pretty sure they're 100W and i honestly can't tell if my headlights are on or off when i have these lights on


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