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Engine whistling!


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Ridgecrest CA
I have just finished the mods on my 1987 Laredo and now I am getting a high pitched whistling at Idle from around the intake! The noise appears after it has warmed up and after I have raised the idle! I thought I had narrowed it down to the AIV when I wiggled the wire it changed pitch! I changed that and it still does it! I have replaced the intake and exaust manifold (other reasons), checked all of the vacuum lines and also sealed the intake boot to the TB! What am I missing here? Could it be coming from the TB gasket?

The mods were mostly suspension and late model trans t/c and clutch master! Nothing really to do with the engine! I should of made that a little clearer! The vehicle has been sitting for over a year! The engine is all stock except for the port matched intake and exaust ports!

Check for buildup and dirt down in the throttle body. Make sure the butterfly doesnt have any crud around it. Reason I suggest this is because I recently took my throttle body all apart and cleaned it. Upon re-assmebly, I broke one of the screws securing the butterfly. I replaced it with the best thing I could find. Its tight, but the screw head doesnt seat all the way down like the other. It makes a really loud whistle at certain RPMs. Usually around 2,000 or so. Just an idea.

Thanks for the tip! The intake has been hot tanked and the TB was high polished by hand! I had the boot off this past week and it is spotless! The only thing I think it might be would be the base gasket! I will try changing the gasket tomorrow and will post my findings!

nope Ill tell you what it is because i let dodge Fix mine, Your Intake Gasket has sliped or has a hole. It cost me $600.00 to stop that high piched whistle.