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Electrical Gremlins: Likely cause?


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Austin, Texas
Just a few instances of this so far but would like to jump on it before it gets worse. First time was hitting a bump where it felt like I lost power for a fraction of a second. Second was radio (maybe dash?) dropping out for a fraction after gunning it to get around a stopped car. Third was the door locks locking and unlocking on hitting a bump.

I've checked the major grounds and they all look fine. I also refreshed them all about 6 months ago. Any place to start looking for shorts that would explain these?
Could be a short, could be a loose connector or decaying wire.

Maybe get it idling and start wiggling various connectors and to look for a reaction?
Radio and door symptoms very strongly suggest driver door and/or tailgate wire harness issues. Continuity test and visually inspect for chafed wire insulation and broken wires.
I should clarify that what I mean by the radio cutting out is no the speakers, but the display and or stereo lock on the radio cutting out.
The doors have positive 12 volts at all times for the door locks. 12 volts shorted to a speaker wire will usually shut down the radio.