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  • Believe it or not being from michigan i've seen your jeep in person.
    I lived in Chico for about six months and spent a lil time in your hilltop town.
    I wish I was on here when I lived out there, there is not much by way of jeep shops or groups here at home
    Glad you got it.

    Firefox 3.5.4 & 3.5.5 have been screwing me up. Downloaded Firefox 3.6 Beta 3 and things seem to be working now--I had lost Smilies and PM'ing and drop down menus and weird characters were showing up when I tried to quote posts in the threads.

    All seems fine now. Sent you a test PM.
    Yes, that's the one. I already did half of it, I was looking for the big fat fuse/fusible link for the alt cable.

    Thank you very much
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