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Eating crow, Oneton was right.....my jeep is finally fixed

Safari Ary

NAXJA Forum User
After replacing my output shaft, SYE, rear ring and pinion, carrier, and U-joints in the DS, it turns out it was the damn CV joint in the DS. Dropped the shaft off this morning to have it rebuilt and balanced. Got it back, installed it, and it's smooth as can be. I'm so happy :D I can finally drive my Jeep again without worrying about it. :D Thanks everyone who helped, I guess I shoulda listened to Sean in the first place.:eek:

Oh yeah, forgot to mention the nifty dent I found in the DS when I pulled it out. Dunno how I missed it the first 10 million times, musta been full of dirt. I have a feeling that may have had something to do with the problem.
:scholar: Ahh young rockhopper... those hardest learned lessons are the longest ones remembered.

OTOH your junk ought to be much less junky from the process, so celebrate :cheers:

You were regearing and doing the locker anyway, so quitcher crying. And buy another driveshaft...and pinion yoke.

LOL that One Ton got it...his rig puts NVH into the Richter scale. No lie, seismograph alarms go off at the USGS in Knoxville when he drives back from Tellico to the CG.

Lately I have found that the couple bux for a can of cheep brake cleaner and some rag-time makes DS/axle UJ (or most any) service more fun & productive. If it looks like 'mud' or 'goo' it's gotta go IMHO.
Just cause a guy gets comfy with accelerating in & out of DW (40-50 mph too many times = bad) doesn't make them a Messiah.

Losing a LF wheel @ 55 mph after a week of it makes one a little sensitive though... :viking: ---> Grasshopper ---> Windshield --->Goo ;) Mortals would have shit themselves when corn-flake sparks from the ball-joint stud & nut started coming in the window.... a Warrior pulls his L arm in off the sash and steers it to safety.

If others could avoid (m)any of my missteps, I have done something here... Honesty in ones trageties makes us all wiser!
I thought I put this out there before on one of your previous threads!Anyway,before driving to Yuma to p/u my D44 I pulled my rear driveshaft for service.I removed the "needle" style zerks and put in "regular" style for greasing.After putting everything back the way it was,I re-installed the driveshaft.I got rid of about 75% of the noise Ive been whining about for the last year.Good thing I found out after being committed to the D44!!!!!!!!
Max, you sayin' my junk is junky? Surely you jest.

Ary, I'm not so sure it was me that said it was the cv, but I did know that it was something to do with the shaft.

Now, if I could get the rest of the world to figure out that I'm always right, things would go much smoother :moon:
woody said:
Just cause a guy gets comfy with accelerating in & out of DW (40-50 mph too many times = bad) doesn't make them a Messiah.

that's deathwobble?

I thought it was just a shimmy with an abnormal magnitude?

seriously though... should I really do something about it? It doesn't bother me much. Been drivin it like that for about 6 months and about 10K miles or so