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Early wheelers?


NAXJA Forum User
Englewood, CO
I think I'm gonna make it this year. I was wondering if anyone was getting there a few days early to wheel. I am coming from Colorado and will probably get there on the 8th. I have friends in Atlanta who might try to go and would like to know if its worth coming early for.
I dunno, I'll probably arrive late Wed night/early Thurs AM...and wheel Thurs -Sat.

Tryin to horde vacation days for Moab...

Be good to see you and that slick white XJ again.
We are going up on the 6th and be there all week...
I will go

I live in Atlanta, I will go early to ride with you.
Sweet! I am still trying to coordinate with my friends in Atlanta, but probably rolling in there Tuesday. Hope to have my front axle finished by then, the parts are on their way:D
wed at 5pm