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early style (84-early 87) tach cluster: sale


NAXJA Forum User
hey guys. been wanting to do the tach swap for a while now and finally got around to doing it. I originally purchased 2 cherokee tach clusters and opted to use the newer style sport gauges over the older style. with that said, I have an early xj tach cluster with all the gauges and obviousy the tach for sale. I paid 35 for it but will let it go for 25+ shipping. overall its in good shape, everything seems to work fine (tach even worked fine when it was in my rig) anyway this is the old style that has the clip on speedometer cable (its from an 86 laredo) anhyway my email is [email protected]. since I havent mastered putting pictures online, I will send interested parties pics over email. let me know!