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e350 Master Cylinder?


NAXJA Forum User
I have 33" tires and stock axles (d30 8.25) and I cannot stop for crap. I have replaced my 92 single diaphragm booster with a 95 dual diaphragm unit. It has seemed a little better.

On POR and JU the post have been trickling in about people doing a swap that uses a master cylinder from a e350 ford van.

As a side note the debate about pressure and fluid volume rages of a larger bore MC rages on. A debate in which I am not prepared to speak intelligently.

So my question is put to the authoriy here. Will this swap which should be very easy, help my very poor, poor brakes.


Scott Brown
What is your current problem?

Too much pedal stroke? Very soft pedal? Very hard pedal? Fading brakes? Catching brakes? Rear or front stopping too much? Surging? Pulling?
it seems to be I have a lot of pedal stroke, I can bottom the pedal if I try.

The pedal is reasonably firm. Maybe on the squishy side, deffinatly not too firm.

I have no fade, pull, or surge.

It seems that the brakes are simply underpowered.

I have an 8.8 in the garage waiting to swap in, but that will be waiting a few months still.....Im hoping that the rear dics' will help but I am aware that the swap is not a complete answer to the problem.

Did you try adjusting the output rod on the booster? Bleed the m/c? Had problems with mine when I did the 95 m/c booster swap. A friend found a bleed procedure in an old Raybestos book. It takes 3 people. 1 to pump brakes, 1 to bleed and 1 to depress the plunger in the end of the por valve. Made a world of difference.

Do it right one time and go to hydro boosted brakes like they are used in the Chevy K30 Piclup (M1008). I know they are a direct replacement on CJs so i can't see why they should not work in XJs. You will never again have to think about stopping power. :D