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Matt S.

NAXJA Forum User
Fresno, CA
I had the 4.0 renix motor in my old XJ, got 250k outof it before it went. Is there another motor in the gasoline engine world that is just as reliable yet not so tall from valves to oil pan? I dont want any high HP motor, just something very stock so it is extremly reliable. The kicker is, that the engine must be at least newer than 84' depending on what XJ body I buy.
why do you want something not as tall? what difference does that make if the 4.0 fits just fine in the XJ's engine compartement as it is? as for another motor '84 and up that could fit in your XJ that is just as realiable in stock form? probrably not.

I will probly end up with the 4.0 only because of known dependability. But I am going to be starting with a completly gutted XJ, nothin, zip, zero. Well at least I hope:D . But I want to stay low to the ground, and I would lie to beable to triangulate the front end. But the 4.0 pan is very deep. So just thoughts you know.
make a shallow pan and convert to a dry sump oiling system?