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Dslr vs mirrorless camera for beginner.


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bourbonnais IL
So im looking for a camera. Basically a beginner with my phone being the only thing I've taken pics with in the last 10 years. I was looking* at dslrs until I came across a video comparing mirrorless and dslr. It seems like the mirrorless would* more closely resemble my phone skills.*

I have 2 kids both in fast moving sports, track and soccer, that I want to be able to snag pics of. And I like taking pictures of vehicles. And always had the idea of car photography being a money making hobby.

That said, I don't want to spend* 1k+ right off the bat. Do you guys have any recommendations for a 5-6 hundred* budget beginner camera. Or thoughts on the dslr vs mirrorless.
I've had the Canon EOS M6 for a couple of years and have been happy with it. It's out of production now but I think the latest equivalent model should be within your budget. Biggest push to mirrorless for me was their compact size and weight vs DSLR which means I'm more likely to carry it around it more.
I know nothing about mirrorless, but I can tell you that the idea appeals to me from the perspective of less moving parts. I say that because I believe off-roading (more specifically the vibration and shaking) is largely responsible for the demise of my Nikon D-80 and two of its lenses. Over a period of years I first lost the cheap lens that came with the camera, then a high quality lens that was purchased as a replacement for the first lens, and then finally the body itself. The death of the cheap lens I initially attributed to its relatively low quality, but after losing the good lens and the D-80 body I believe the root cause was the fact that I took that gear on too many off-road trips. The vibration and the jarring were too much for that camera gear. It simply was not built for that kind of use.

I don't know if mirrorless would be more robust, but the reduction in moving parts seems like it would be better.
I use mirrorless. Find your brand camera because that's pretty much what you are sticking with because of the lenses. My first was Sony and I picked up a Nex 6 a couple years ago for like $150. It's outdated now but I figured for the price it was a good place to start (back then). Used lenses are usually a lot cheaper then new, just got to read the description. I have bought a few on eBay without problems. I went mirrorless because of the size, I didn't want thick camera to carry.

A lot of reading and research into the lenses and what you are wanting from the camera. My camera is a "crop sensor" not a full frame, so when you are comparing lenses that is something to take into account for research reading. A 35mm on crop sensor lens is almost equivalent to 50mm on full frame. They say 50mm is what you see from your eyes and suggest getting a prime 35 lens for crop sensor, prime lenses also let in a lot more light and thus takes pictures a lot faster with less shutter time (less chances for blur with dim lighting). For my Sony a 20mm lens is more closely to what I see from my eyes...

Apart from the lenses that came from your camera. People would suggest a prime 35/50 lens because of compact size and it's more natural to your eyesight, and speed of taking pictures. Personally I am landing on a 18-200mm zoom lens, haven't tired yet but this is what I was recommended. Keep in mind "f/" on the lens is how much light enters the camera, lower f/ means more light and less chances of motion blur, you can also do other things like defocus the background if you are into that.

My camera is from 2012 purchased in 2019, and the lenses is what is also going to make a good camera. I would be in about $600 for my camera, prime 35 lens and zoom lens with used lenses. For reference brand new zoom lens is $800 but same model used is around $210.
Pulled the trigger on a cannon M50. It came in yesterday I've got all weekend to teach myself how to use it and a vacation starting Tuesday so hoping can get some decent photos.
Good deal, can't go wrong with that choice. One thing to look out for, at least on my M6, is that off-brand (non canon) batteries won't display the battery level. IMO, a minor inconvenience based on the price difference in batteries.