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Driver door speaker not working


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My driver door speaker isn't working. I have a sony xplod head unit that i installed a year ago and the speakers are factory. It just started to were the speaker would be fuzzy and stop working everynow and then and now it doesnt work at all. I used to be able to wiggle the rubber piece going inbetween the door to get it to work but even that doesnt work. It seems like a short or loose connection. I replaced the speaker and checked all the connections. I am really cunfused.
.. It seems like a short or loose connection......

Yes, it is.

Simplest solution is to run fresh speaker wires from the inside to the speaker. The wires are behind the plastic trim panel and just below the dash.
Common problem. My connector wore out at the speaker end, but after soldering new connections on, that fixed the problem. (But I used that excuse to buy new speakers.)
Not that uncommon for one of the wires simply to break internally where it's constantly flexed. If it's completely out, you ought now to be able to test for continuity between the inner plug and the speaker, and figure out which wire it is. You can usually just replace that one.

I've also seen door speakers that go out because the window mechanism bumps into the wiring, eventually causing one of the speaker end connectors to fail.
Found it! It was the green ground wire broken where it splices to the other grounds in the harness. What a pain to fix.