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Dominator Tires??

RockyTop said:
Has anyone here used tires manufactured by Dominator? If so, how'd they work out for you? Durability? Traction? etc. etc.

Actually, I bought a set back in 2001 for my 95 XJ and some 45000 later (in January) took them off and put them on a 78 Dodge pickup I had as they were still good. 30x9.5x15 and only $50 each new. Liked em enough to make a special request for them at the tire store recently. Now they cost me $70 ea. Good hybrid street & trail tire, good traction, trail & hwy. Not as good for wet traction once they wore out. My experience has been that the more expensive tires don't hold up as well as the no-name ones for some reason. I was told they are really cooper/pirelli but who knows. A friend also has them on a Toyota. They ride a little stiff but hey so do all XJs right? I'm surprised so many people though insist on name brands tires when 1.) they have to conform to federal standards anyway and 2.) they are often made by the same company.

Oh, do rotate them and put the black side out b/c the white wears off quick.
Hmmmm something is telling me that if the tread lasts that long than the rubber isnt very soft. to me that translates is less traction on rocks, they might be good in mud, sand etc. but for rocks you really need a softer compound to gain better traction.....
hey rickbeer, you missed a crucial part-

rember nothing good is cheap
& good is not cheap
and sometimes free isn't cheap enough :D