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doing motor mounts tomorrow


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New Mexico
91 4.0

So my browndog motor mounts came in today and I'm planning on installing them tomorrow. Any tips to make it easier?

Thanks, Dustin
Replacing motor mounts are actually very easy for the xj, just do one side at a time and use a jack underneath with a piece of wood in between the jack and oil pan. Probably the easiest one I have ever done, maybe took an hour or so to do both.
I upgraded my 88 recently with the browndog mounts as well, however I did it with an engine swap and some other changes. I figured after 8 years of wheeling my rig it was time to pull it and do the seals and then some for good measure.
Just called the dealer for a price on the o rings for the oil filter adaptor and they don't carry them. Special order apparently.