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Do yall think this is a good deal?


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Helena, AL
Looking at buying a 97 Country, white, 4.0, auto, np231, 8.25 rear, very clean and totally stock, but with 132,000 miles, for $4,950.00. Everything looks good mechanically and drives fine. We've owned an '01 Sport since new and love it. So we'll be a two Jeep family again (used to have a black '00 TJ). I know 132,000 is not too many miles, but am hesitant about spending $5000.00 for one with that many already on it. Is this a good deal?
Thanks for the replies. I'll try for $4,500.00 and see how it goes. It's in really clean, perfect condition, even new tires. Just 132,000 miles is a little more than I'd like to buy into, but $4,500.00 seems fair to me.
dizzymac said:
Try 4k and work your way if you have too.

Ditto - I know it feels funny to low-ball a seller but I've never had one refuse to sell to me if their counter-offer(s) are accepted after a low opening offer. When somebody NEEDS to sell something you never know what they will do in that situation. And remember, you can't offer less after offering more. Think of it as a one-way trail...
for reference i picked up my '96 Country fully loaded with 134,000 on the clock for $3500 just about 3 months ago, and that was from a used car dealer so i coulda got it even cheaper if it was a private seller most likely.

I think it's kinda high, compared to the $3100 we just spent on essentially the same vehicle. '97 4 door sport, 4.0ho, I "think" it has the 8.25 rear, 158,000 miles, runs AWESOME.


P.S. Cash TALKS. Bring cash with you if you're going to try to talk him down, that's what we did, $3000 cash staring the seller in the face is hard to turn away if they've had a hard time selling. Good luck!
Just to update, I ended up passing on the 97 Country. It was too rough, even though I did get him down to $4,000.00. Ended up with a 98 ZJ Limited 4x4 with 118k on the clock and in MINT condition for $5,250!!! Still have my '01 XJ for me, now the wife has the 98 ZJ. I love Jeeps!