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Is this a good deal for a '99?


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Hi all. I used to own a '96 and should have never gotten rid of it. I've been trying to find another XJ and came across a completely stock '99 with 184k miles. Here are the details:

-Two owners with service records for over 10 years
-No rust (was kept in climate controlled garage much of its life)
-Interior is spotless
-New battery and brakes

-Last owner removed door moulding for some reason, leaving behind black adhesive outlines down body
-Headliner starting to sag

I can get it for $4k. This would be my daily driver (though I only drive 1-2x per week; 6k miles per year or so). I would pretty immediately be getting a lift, tires, etc. Think this is a good deal and good candidate for that? I know '99s are generally considered one of the best years.
if rust free, good paint, honest service records and with that number of miles, you may have found a pretty decent rig. price dont seem way out of line. Id much rather pay a premium for a known good rust free accident free jeep. than get a deal on one that needs body work or rust repair. Just make sure she is mechanically good, drive her, compression test maybe too.

hope it works out for you.
Prices on XJs are still rising a bit, so that doesn't seem like a bad price. Does it have an 8.25 rear axle(non ABS) or a Dana 35(ABS)?

The body molding adhesive can be removed with a 3M eraser wheel, or if you really like it you could find a set and replace the molding.

Sounds like youve already been in the game, so you probably have an idea of what you want to do. My second jeep is someone else's trail rig, and a big part of what I'm doing with it now is changing stuff to fit my style of wheeling vs the previous owner. Starting fresh is always easier.

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The 2 cons you have listed would not steer me away from that XJ, particularly in comparison to the pros.

A sagging headliner is simply a consequence of age and is not a particularly challenging repair. Similarly the adhesive is not a big deal.

Two owners, maintenance records and nice condition is tough to come by anymore. And $4K is plenty reasonable, especially for an un-molested XJ.
Thanks for the replies. These are my thoughts too. As long as it drives as good as it looks.

I've already priced out a 3.5" RE super flex lift, wheels and tires. With an adjustable track bar and a few other things I would be just under $6400. Not too bad.
I would snap it up. It's hard to find a decent XJ for under $4000.00 these days in my area. I also prefer stock unmolested XJ's over crackhead modified rigs that have been beat to shit.

Body side molding is easy to replace, it's just double sided tape.

As far as the headliner goes, if you have an XJ, it's not a matter of if, but when you're going to have to re-do the headliner. I've recently done 2. It's not a particularly hard job, just a little tedious. I opted to take mine out myself, clean it up, and then take it to an uphosltery shop to have them apply the material. It's only a couple hundred bucks or so to have someone apply the fabric. That was labor and materials. Then I just re-installed it. I thought it was a much more cost effective way to go. Both headliners look factory new.

I would not trust a shop to remove and re-install the headliner. There are a lot of parts and delicate plastic pieces that need to be removed and re-installed carefully.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth. Hope it helps.
Thanks! Yeah, the headliner isn't a real con and I can get that done myself no problem. I'm supposed to be meeting up with the seller today