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DIY Long arm kit Xj -89


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Greetings from Sweden,
I've started fabrication school and as a project I'm planning on doing a long arm upgrade for my jeep.

I have access to a fully kitted workshop (plasma cutters, CNC-machines, mills etc) and instructors (and probably some class mates) to help with the build.
All materials are free, or atleast payed for by the school.

I'm wondering if someone have, or know where to get, some detailed fabrication plans. Preferably some complete with what materials to use, measurements and angles, maybe partnumbers or specs for stuff we need to buy.
I have tried to search the forum and goolge but all i find are some CAD-pitcures and youtube videos where they dont mention any angles or other details.

Thanks for all your help and expertise.

best regards

There' not really plans, most of it is specific to your application and what you want it to do. Joints are one thing you can't fab so barnes, ballastic, summit machine, EMF are all options for joints. Someone way smarter than me can chime in on the specifics of angles but I know you want your links as flat as possible, arms as close to the same length and 8+" of separation at the axle.

Here are some links I've saved with some good info.


I built mine using a Rusty’s XJ long arm cross member as a starting point. I added a bracket on the passenger side for the upper link, used the Artec Dana 60 truss and their upper link bracket, and used 2” 0.250 wall DOM tube for links with Metalcloak joints.

It is documented elsewhere…

Frame stiffeners. Minimum would be the middle section.
(3) 3 meter long tubes for links. Most get away with 1.75” diameter upper and a 2” lower diameter. Both with a wall thickness of 1/4”.
Heims or Johnny Joints with threaded bung inserts for the links.
Lower link mounts for the axle
Upper link for the axle
Track bar 1.5” diameter 0.250 wall. Plus heims for the ends with threaded inserts
Axle side track bar bracket.
Shock mounts and coil spring mounts. If you go with a coilover or ORI strut you could get away with just one Mount and you’ll need an upper mount.