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disabling passenger side airbag


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new girlfriend, three daughters all angels, how do I disable the above when I want to toss one of the munchkins in the front seat.

It is against the "LAW" to do so. Stupid government thinks they know best. Law states that all vehicles without a full size back seat must have a switch from the factory(I.E. pickups ect). Other than that, you have to fill out an application from the government to get permission, then you have to find a shop willing to take the liability of installing the switch. That is the legal way. I think you can unplug the system somehow to disable it but you will get an airbag idiot light all the time and if the government finds out by chance (like an accident) then you might get screwed(by them or your passenger or both). Also, airbag systems are highly sensitive and respond to the slightest static shock so I wouldn't even get close to it. Thats why people get hurt or killed just installing stereos. I have been dealing with this with my Camaro for sometime now. Have the application somewhere but cant find a shop to do the switch so I didn't send it in.

Hope this helps
let me know what you come up with

I agree with DPC, you are between a rock and a hard spot. If you do have an accident you will be in big trouble so have to figure out a way to work "within the system".

This may seem like a strange idea but if you want to carry the little one in the front seat then sell your XJ buy an older XJ without airbags. You will still have the capability but the problem will be gone.

Makes me glad my 88 XJ does not have air bags.

Have to think outside the box on problems like these. I am unsure when airbags appeared in XJs, someone else on here should be able to tell you.
I did the app. to the the gov. for my 98 XJ. It was no big deal. My son likes to ride up there when we Jeep. He is still small so having the switch works out. The neat thing for Jeeps are that Jeep has a plug in kit for it. Worked out quite well. Once I got my OK back from the gov. I got a few solicitations in the mail for kits, nice how the gov. works that way. If you have a real need for the switch, go for it, but if you don't, don't bother with it, it will cost a few hundred to get it done.

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Who did the install of the switch for you? I heard that dealers want nothing to do with that modification. If they sell it 'from the factory" with a switch they can say "we sold what the provided" but the installing of the switch by them can lead to liability problems or so I have heard.

Also what Government agency did you apply to inorder to receive a waiver? I take it was a Federal waiver and not a state waiver. Guess you have to carry a copy of the waiver in the vehicle to satisfy the the cops if they ask.

Actually I have a buddy out here who works at a jeep dealer, he does all their electrical and A/C stuff. It was a factory switch and was close to a plug in. There was a little drilling required. The dealers are real funny because they WILL do a air bag computer recall all day long but they won't install a factory autherized and built switch. Go figure...

www.nhtsa.gov and goto the air bag section.

I do think I could have installed the kit myself but it took no time for my buddy, he also did the air bag computer recall for me and got it signed off.

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the cut-off switch was so nice to have in my TJ.... i looked into a switch kit, i decided it was just cheaper to date taller chicks.... and it keeps my kids in the back without them argueing about who rode up front last time....
Didn't have any idea how involved this was. Might as well live with the back seat situation, or.... take the '93 minivan more often:shiver:

Thanks for the detailed replies, they are much appreciated!
Mark Hinkley said:

I do think I could have installed the kit myself but it took no time for my buddy, he also did the air bag computer recall for me and got it signed off.

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Mark, where is the factory cut-off switch mounted? Switch mounting options are slim in the newer XJ without looking 'out of place'.
If I remeber right the switch went just below the water temp gauge by the steering column. I installed mine below the 12 volt outlet, kind of tight but it works. There is also a warning light which mounts on the dash on the passenger side but I didn't install it.