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anti-theft measures


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Portland OR
Hi, New to this forum...

I have an '87 XJ. 4.0L, manual, 2door...
350k+ on the odometer, and runs like new.

I disable the engine multiple ways when parked, using a battery cutoff, and pulling relays. (I've even fashioned a metal collar to cover the steering column / ignition). And a steering wheel and brake lock.

Anyway disabling the engine... The Fuel Pump relay is an obvious relay, but I'd like some information on the Oxygen Heater relay, and the Power Latch relay and their function for startup.

I had a no-start the other day, with all three relays in place. No turn-over at all. I swapped the O-heater and Power Latch relay, and she fired up.

Being a shade-tree mechanic at best, wondering if I just have worn contacts from multiple removals, or if I have a bad relay now.

I've got the MR244 service manual, and the wiring diagrams, but looking for a quick answer to save me a little time.

I expect I'll be wiring in some switches at some point to save the relays, but for now, just trying to educate myself.

Oh, and any other suggestions for disabling the engine are welcome.