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Directions to the Event


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The main camp will be in the same location as last year and will be where the BBQ and raffle are going to be held. Directions to the campsite (copied and adapted from last years post, thanks B.C.):

Head south on Hwy 99 approx 9 miles south of Hwy 152 to exit 155 which is Cleveland Ave, and turn left at the light.

Turn right onto West Cleveland ave. Best way to not miss this is to take the 1st right AFTER crossing the railroad tracks.

Turn left onto CA-145 N/E Yosemite Ave - 17.7 mi

Turn right at the stop sign for the back entrance to Millerton Lake. Right onto Rd 206 - 2.3 mi

Turn left onto Millerton Rd - 5.7 mi

Turn left onto Auberry Rd - 9.3 mi

At stop sign turn left onto CA-168 - 2.7 mi
Before turning left, this is the last reasonably priced fuel station along the way. It is highly suggested to top off your fuel tank here. Any last minute supplies should be picked up in this area.

Turn left to stay on CA-168 - 14.5 mi
This is the dreaded 4 lane climb. Take it easy up this section. Once the road turns into a 2 lane road be sure to use the turnouts as needed.

Yes, it IS that complicated to take the shortest route. It would be best to print out the directions as cell service is spotty in the area.

If you are coming from south of Madera, take Highway 41 to Hwy 145/E. Yosemite and turn right. You can follow the directions above for the remainder of the trip.

Goatmans directions from years ago to find meet-up area.

As you are coming into the town of Shaver Lake, make a right turn onto Dinkey Creek Rd, where there will be a sign saying Wishon and Courtright Reserviors.

Continue on Dinkey Creek Rd for around 12 miles, and as you are coming into Dinkey Creek, look for another sign saying Wishon and Courtright Reserviors. Make a right turn at this sign onto McKinley Grove Rd......very important! If you miss this right turn, you will drive past the ranger station and the Dinkey Creek store and end up at Dinkey Campground.

After making the right turn onto McKinley Grove Rd, immediately crossing the Dinkey Creek bridge, go for about 1/4 mile and look for the Camp Fresno sign on the left. At this sign, there are two roads that go to the left, the first cuts back sharply and goes to Camp Fresno, the second is road 10S36. Turn left onto 10S36 and immediately turn right into the trees, which is our camping spot.

This is where base camp will be and where all the trail runs will originate. This is also the location for the BBQ and raffle.

The Dinkey Creek general store is near camp. You can buy limited supplies and ice here. They have a gas pump here but it is expensive. They also have pay showers available, from 9am to 6:30 pm.