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Different swap question


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I recently picked up an 88 MJ 2.5 AX4 2wd. It has needed a little attention here and there. Rear brake lines and shoes, swapped to bucket seats and just a really good cleaning in and out. I finally got brakes working and took it for the first test drive and found out it had a weak clutch.
Got to thinking that I would just go ahead and convert to a 4x4. Lot more useful around here. Since we have had 16 inches of snow in the last 36 hours. I had picked up an early 1986 XJ 2.5 5 speed 4x4 with 3.73 a couple months ago. It has a reman 2.5 and it was very cheap. Plus I drove it home. After I decided to the 4x4 conversion I pulled it in the garage last night and started to pull the drivetrain.
Got under it for the first time and it has a T5 in it not the AX5 I was hoping for. My question is can I still find a way to get this in my MJ. I know it will physically bolt in but there is no place for the CPS. Should keep looking for an AX5? Just try and adapt what I have? I have searched but without the awnsers I was looking for. TIA